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Most Viewed Items Today

Ad placed: 3/30/2015
This finely-rendered pair of chopsticks is made of solid, natural translucent jade. Elegant, simple, practical, using an ancient design. Help up to... (read more)
Ad placed: 3/30/2015
A happy three-legged frog grasps a coin in its mouth, seated on a lily pad; a traditional Chinese symbol of good fortune, prosperity and money. Three... (read more)
Ad placed: 3/28/2015
Triple-sized armband of heavy Burmese jadeite with several subtle colors: Lavender, green, honey. Perfect as a centerpiece display for a jade... (read more)
Ad placed: 3/27/2015
A masterful portrait in stone of a man, gazing skeptically at the world, holding his flowered silk cloak about him tightly. He holds a staff with... (read more)
Ad placed: 3/26/2015
A scene from the Silk Road, carved in precious Chinese nephrite jade from Hetian, Xinjiang China. A solitary man leads a line of camels through the... (read more)
Ad placed: 3/25/2015
This piece is title Ju Bao Pen -- translated, it means Treasure Bowl -- and represents endless wealth and happiness. In this enchanting miniature... (read more)
Ad placed: 3/24/2015
An enchanting miniature world, carved in solid jade that moves gracefully in hue from white, to lavender. Charming little ducks swim toward each... (read more)
Ad placed: 3/23/2015
This is an unique natural creation -- suggesting the lovely shifting green of a sunlit forest. It is very translucent, and colors move from deep spinach... (read more)
Ad placed: 3/22/2015
This is a very old, traditional Ma An style ring, from Burma. An enchanting pattern of rich, deep greens. Size 9.
Ad placed: 3/21/2015
This is rare dark-honey colored jade, carved in strips and fashioned into a wide band ring. Very strong and elegant. Size 7.25
Ad placed: 3/18/2015
This beautiful apple-green Burmese jade is distinguished by a Pixu design carving, very old Chinese style. Size 8.5
Ad placed: 3/18/2015
This delicate green ring features detailed flower carvings; from Burma. This piece explores the beauty that may be seen in the depths of a fine piece of... (read more)
Ad placed: 3/16/2015
The unmistakable rich, Imperial-green jade, combined with lighter shades and carved with a peach design. The peach symbolizes longevity and good... (read more)
Ad placed: 3/15/2015
Imperial green jade, once reserved only for the Emperor and his family. This fine mens ring is in a 14K gold setting, size 8.25.
Ad placed: 3/14/2015
A single piece of Burmese jade, in two distinct colors; carved in the shape of a bat. Signifies very good luck.
Ad placed: 3/13/2015
This beautiful piece nicely carved coy jump in a pond, white with light apple green. A good quality jadeite. Coy symbolize wealth and prosperity.
Ad placed: 3/12/2015
This is Hotian white nephrite hand carved, heavy. It is 1.5 high. Rare.
Ad placed: 3/11/2015
This is a ice jade, translucent carved as cicada, lots of details. High end and rare piece.
Ad placed: 3/11/2015
This bangle has multi color with traditional round cut. Size 6. The snow white with mass green, and slightly honey color made this piece a unique, ... (read more)
Ad placed: 3/11/2015
The cicada marks a long, slow song through the still hours of the night, signifying peace and harmony. This realistic piece is hand-sculpted from rare... (read more)

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